Posts from April, 2011

A vote against Harper is a vote for the environment

With the approaching Canadian federal election (May 2) I’ve heard much debate lately about which party is most worthy of the vote of an environmentally concerned individual. But “Which candidate or party will be best for the environment?”, I think, is the wrong question. The right question is “Where will my vote do the most good for the environment?”

Unfortunately Canada’s electoral system is broken. We do not have proportional representation so for most Canadians, voting for who you like in this election is as good as not voting at all. If you want your vote to count, you need to vote strategically. Currently, a very possible outcome of the election is a Conservative majority which would be the absolute worst case for the environment.

If you want to make your vote count for the environment, your best option is to vote AGAINST a Harper majority by voting for whoever has the greatest chance of defeating the conservative candidate in your riding. You can find out who that is at (you can also consult, last time, and

Make no mistake. This election is bigger than your local riding. You are either voting for a Harper majority or you are voting against it. Set local issues and candidate preferences aside and think federally when you vote on May 2.